Geotechnical & Testing Services

Permeability Test

Materials Testing

Geotechnical Engineering

GTS, Inc. was formed in July of 2005 by Andy McClarrinon, P.E. and David Berry, P.E. to perform geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services. Quality of deliverables and timeliness of services are the overriding goals of GTS, Inc. The partners of GTS, Inc. have a combined 40 years of geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing experience in the Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas region.

Construction Materials Testing

GTS provides a full menu of Construction Materials Testing Services including both field and laboratory tests for soils, concrete and masonry, asphalt, and fire resistant materials. In addition, structural steel inspection services are provided by our in-house Certified Welding Inspector and other testing capabilities.

Environmental Engineering

GTS can provide our clients with help in all stages of the development process from the site selection phase in the beginning to quality control during and through completion of the project. In addition to traditional Construction Materials Testing, GTS can also provide our clients with Forensic Engineering and Nondestructive Testing during system or material failures.

Contract Drilling Services

GTS can provide contract geotechnical and environmental drilling services. Please CALL for rates and information.